Our ZenSource design system built out entirely in Drupal

Our design system is not a site-in-a-box, it is an experience accelerator right sized for smaller sites to enterprise needs.  Sets of content modules, page layouts and rich functionality are all completely out-of-the-box ready and also highly customizable. Install with your new site and turn authors loose to start assembling pages while your designers and developers customize to brand standards.

Turnkey Intsall

When you install the design system on your environment you automatically unlock production-ready, Drupal authoring admin tools and all the components that come with it to build fully functional websites.  This includes page layouts for every type of content from landing pages to articles to campaigns as well as content modules that you can place anywhere such as media libraries, cards, forms, interactive images and video as well WYSIWYG widgets.  It also includes rich features such as site search, news and blog directories.  Everything you see is off-the-shelf, pre-built in ZenSource and ready to start populating content. 

 turnkey install

Faster to Market

Focus on what needs to be unique to your brand and leverage a full experience platform and website foundation for the rest. Your designers and developers don't have to reinvent the wheel but rather focus on what's new and custom. Every component can be easily re-skinned to your brand standards as soon as the design system is installed. Instead of recreating the building block that should come standard, page layouts, content modules and search tools are already at your fingertips.

Customizable to any Degree

Everything is 100% built on Drupal meaning it can be customized to any degree from UX through design and implementation.  It can also be built alongside any other custom features you may need.  Pay for what you need, not what you don't and build on top of the system.  Re-skin to match your brand standards and your off to the races.  Then customize its features and build custom ones based on your own requirements.


Try ZenSource for Yourself

Skip the slick sales presentations: Let our team take you through the ZenSource experience with a demo catered to your needs. Whether you're upgrading Drupal, need better support or a new place to host your web apps, we can help.