Create Self-Help with Automation in the Finest of Details

When it comes to onboarding authors on their custom implementation, much of the time lies in the preparation (i.e. relentless CMS admin QA, optimizing content types, module placement, field defaults, etc.). However, our favorite part of the experience is working hands on with our clients. The more time we can spend with our sleeves rolled up in Drupal, not just on tactical page creation but more importantly helping teach content strategy from mapping to migration and writing, the more successful our clients and their web experiences will be.

Take our Own Advice and Build on Top of an industry Leading Platform

ZenSource was born out of a Drupal foundation because it allowed us to use a technology platform that is already highly evolved, while still being highly flexible so we can custom build the features we need for individual clients. We decided to stick with this successful roadmap and find an existing Learning Management System that would allow us to do something similar.

We searched high and low for a Learning Management System that would check all our boxes, and we came up short. We explored building our own from scratch, but the time and resource investment would have been extensive.

Then we finally discovered Whatfix, which quite frankly, after one demo, blew our minds. With a client list including Microsoft, Ubisoft and Experian we knew their reputation would stand for itself, but their platform is unlike anything we have seen.

Whatfix built a tool that works on a system called “Flows.” To put it simply, their technology allows us to build automated self-help tasks based on the ZenSource codebase flavor of Drupal’s admin – exactly how we need it for each client.

Essentially, everything from how to edit the home page, to how to create and add each content module and how to manage menus, users, taxonomy, etc. is integrated as part of a self-help widget right within the Drupal admin.

And the best part is, they are tailormade for each client implementation. It’s not a one-time 101 white label training but instead designed for every custom feature for each client web site or app.

A user logs in, clicks the help widget, finds what they need to do, and the tool will automatically guide them step-by-step through completing the task, with helpful tooltip content suggestions along the way. They can also download step-by-step guides and how-to videos for each feature if they prefer.

Try ZenSource for Yourself

Skip the slick sales presentations: Let our team take you through the ZenSource experience with a demo catered to your needs. Whether you're upgrading Drupal, need better support or a new place to host your web apps, we can help.