This curriculum is designed to enable a new Drupal Content Author to understand the basics of page and module building after being trained using the ZenSource Lotus Administration interface, our foundational open source Drupal authoring environment. Each instructor is ZenSource Trainer Certified with advanced Drupal knowledge as well as the communication skills to effectively train content authors of all skill levels.  

Training is conducted through instructor led training over 1 day.


  • This training is designed for a non-technical person but one should understand basic website concepts like hyperlinks, media assets, menus and page layout structure.  
  • Previous Content Management System (CMS) experience is helpful but not required.
  • A separate training demo web site will be setup 

Day 1 – Drupal 101

This session will train core team authors on high value templates, modules, navigation and other base features using the Drupal standards that will be applied to your specific site implementation.

Where to log into the Drupal environment, how to change your login password, and a tour of the admin and its features.

How to use the Content Dashboard to find & edit existing pages.

How to upload images, manage and organize the media library. 

Explanation of page types and creation of a basic/tier page along with basic content modules (accordions, link lists, etc.).

How to use the visual page builder interface - add modules to pages, add additional sections and blocks to customize your page layout.

Editing the navigation – adding pages to navigation, editing global nav vs. in page or rail navigation. 

Editing and adding taxonomy to a page or module.

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