Streamline Content Migration

Save months from manual content migration. ZenSource’s foundational features streamline content migration, allowing for the majority of your existing experience’s content to automatically import cleanly into Drupal. We also employed the finest Drupal experience experts to help train and onboard your authors.

To further streamline content migration, we utilize a suite of auto-migration tools leveraging Drupal's own Migrate API. These tools include:

  • Automatic media de-duplication
  • Auto-conversion of freeform images
  • Auto-removal of embedded HTML/CSS in imported content
  • Standardized content inventory templates identifying content and starter-scripts for loading content via the Drupal Migrate API

Industry-leading client success professionals will onboard authors with our robust curriculum—designed to enable new Drupal content authors to become self-sufficient within one week using the ZenCMS administration interface. Each instructor is ZenSource Trainer Certified with advanced Drupal knowledge and the communication skills needed to effectively train content authors of every level.

The onboarding process is conducted through a combination of instructor-led training and workshops specific to your environment & site implementation.

Upon completion of the course, each attendee receives a ZenSource Advanced Drupal Author training certificate and will be able to apply their skills to training other authors.

Third-Party Data Connectors

With Drupal, ZenSource can import data for use on your web experience and accept formats including XML or JSON. Imported data can be proprietary, like a credentialing database, or a third-party service for expert data, such as Activity Insight or Ellucian course data. This data can then be displayed as content within your web pages, formatted to match your design and UX.

Data can also coexist. For example, data can be imported daily as read-only—including degrees, faculty, certifications or location—allowing content authors to update other aspects, such as images or video bios.

Try ZenSource for Yourself

Skip the slick sales presentations: Let our team take you through the ZenSource experience with a demo catered to your needs. Whether you're upgrading Drupal, need better support or a new place to host your web apps, we can help.