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Securing Patient Data: A Practical Guide to Compliance in Open-Source Healthcare CMS
Healthcare IT Today Read President, Jon Stewart's article for Healthcare IT Today where he provides tips to enhance patient data security when utilizing open-source in a modern healthcare CMS platform.
The Hidden Costs of Proprietary Platforms for Your CMS & DXP’s
MarTech Series President Jon Stewart breaks down the hidden costs associated with proprietary platforms in his latest article for MarTech Series.
Empowering Higher Ed: 4 Strategies to Transform your Drupal CMS into an Open Source DXP at Scale
CMS Critic President Jon Stewart shares insights on enhancing digital experiences in higher ed and uncovers key strategies using a Drupal-based CMS without relying on expensive DXP-first platforms.
An Amalgamation of Open Source Benefits and Proprietary Luxury!
The Drop Times In a recent interview for The Drop Times, President Jon Stewart discusses the strategic choice of Drupal as the foundation for ZenSource, combining enterprise scale and open-source flexibility.
Never Redesign Again—Scale Your Website Strategy With Composable Technology And Open-Source Drupal
Forbes In his most recent piece for Forbes, President Jon Stewart unpacks the benefits of composable technology as businesses search for a MarTech solution that will scale with their business.
Real-Time Usability Testing for CMS: Crafting a More Client-Centric Experience
ZenSource Discover the benefit of real-time testing and continuous improvement for your client authors during the development lifecycle to keep your client needs at the forefront.