Jon Stewart, President
When there is a timely opportunity to drive results, developing a lackluster digital experience just to get in market simply won’t cut it. Luckily, ZenSource delivers a breakneck speed without having to sacrifice the user experience or marketing results.

When time is of the essence, ZenSource is the solution

Our ZenSource clients span across multiple industries, and while their Drupal experiences need to answer for different business needs, they all need to build from an idea to a full-fledged web experience in record time. 

Here’s how ZenSource website development tools sand resource can help take your idea and bring it to market in as little as 30 days.

Meet Lotus, our turnkey Drupal 9 foundation

We start all website design projects by installing Lotus, our standard Drupal 9 code-base.  To help initial project setup become a completely turnkey solution, we’ve already built Drupal modules as well as vetted and improved upon ones already in the community.

Combined with our highly available and secure AWS powered ZenCloud environment, a ZenSource website and admin authoring experience can spin up and be ready to customize new creative within just a few hours.

Layer in ZenCore, our Drupal 9 admin with UX accelerators baked-in

While any website redesign project big or small is going to need a custom experience, brand messaging, or design components layered in, there’s a lot you can do to jump start the process to accelerate the launch timeline.   With a standard pattern library of available page layouts and content widgets, ZenCore can help developers and content authors make progress early and often.

The ZenCore admin was designed 100% using Drupal components to provide an easy to use admin experience that allows authors to onboard quickly and build engaging content from day one.

Beyond the basic configurations, our Drupal framework comes standard with page templates and content modules you can essentially drag into your site at install. Moreover, these experience components are tested and vetted for usability, accessibility, and security.

Things like image and video sliders, accordions, callout cards and link lists install out-of-the-box and can be easily skinned or enhanced to match your brand standards.  Using our flexible page templates, you can customize your content widgets to your ideal layout right on the page. 

More functional features, like forms, act like any other content widget and can be dragged onto the page while integrating with your CRM.   Even wayfinding sections like a news directory can be installed at the same time, skinned ,and powered by a built-in author-driven tagging taxonomy.

Plugin Power Site and free up more time to customize

Within a few days of a project kick off, users can access the ZenSource admin and start building out pages while more project requirements and content development start coming together.

This also means that custom feature development can start in parallel while users start to populate website content and design the site experience, contributing a an increase in overall efficiency.

On more functional experiences, installing ZenSource’s Power Site component offers a powerful Solr site search feature, as well as our data import and normalizer connector to pull in third-party data that needs to co-exist with Drupal page content.

Scale and future proof for tomorrow

The best part about using ZenSource to get in market quicker is that it starts your foundation for future growth. When planned correctly, something like a simple landing page or a microsite that helps introduce a new brand can just be the start of your toolkit.  With ZenSource installed and published to the ZenCloud, a best-in-class micro experience can begin to grow into a fully realized and expansive web ecosystem with zero rework required.

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